It’s important as an entrepreneur to get information and new ideas from outside of yourself at times. Each of us can get caught up in our own way of thinking and acting because we tend to do what is most comfortable for us or that we know works. As our business grows, however, we may need some guidance from others who think and act in different ways and can offer us new perspectives that we would otherwise not have access to. One great way to do that is to join a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is a facilitated group of individuals working towards growing their knowledge and skills by using the information and experience they gain from other members in the group. Every group participant brings something unique to the table, and often not only what they assumed it would be. In addition, the whole of the group is much greater than the sum of its parts, and that once you get enough people in a room who have a similar goal, you can create momentum and excitement that allows change to happen so you can boost your growth to a greater rate, and faster than you thought possible.

The idea of the mastermind is that it is an energy created by the group, but which holds the ideas and strength of the group and can take on a life of its own that encourages all the members of the group to do their best work. Because it is an ongoing endeavor, group members check in regularly with their cohorts and get the support and challenge they need from one another and accomplish their goals because they are being held accountable to them. The amount of creativity in the group grows exponentially by the number of people present, and it’s amazing how one person’s normal business practices can spark excitement and motivation for other members of the group.

Mastermind groups happen in different settings, and are usually most effective with a cohort that takes the time to get to know each other because then they are more able to gently nudge each other towards the things that are difficult, but will make them see results. They can be business or topic specific or open, depending on the needs of the participants. Group members also agree to hold proprietary information confidential so that each member can be assured that they are not risking their business growth while getting their needs met. And they tend to be less of a commitment of time and expense than a consultant or coach for the same period of time and outcome. It’s also a great way to build good alliances with other like-minded individuals.

I encourage you to find a mastermind group in your area if any of this appeals to you or you simply want to find a way to grow and change your business.

Mantis Counseling and Coaching will be starting a Mastermind group for Denver entrepreneurs in July 2017. For more information, contact Becky at 720-394-1437.