BeckyAs a coach, I create a better world by teaching people to live intentionally so that you can get more done in less time and feel better about yourself. My experience has shown me that when people live and work intentionally, they are happier, more productive, and live life more gracefully and peacefully. I have been working with entrepreneurs and business owners, executives, and people like you to help you reconnect with your values, vision, and passion in life, which brings the results you want to see in your businesses and your life. I empower you to explore your dreams and motivations, which allows you to become more effective at accomplishing your personal and professional goals.

I have worked in the mental health field for almost twenty years — with abused children, families, couples, women with addictions, women leaving violent relationships, and aging adults with dementia. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, North Africa, and can speak other languages.

I received a Master’s degree from Naropa University’s Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program in 2005 and have been licensed as a psychotherapist in the state of Colorado since 2007. I am also a National Certified Counselor (through the NBCC). I have therapy experience with children, teenagers, adults, couples and families with a focus on trauma and navigating through  life’s transitions. I have a unique perspective on clients coming from other cultural backgrounds. I believe that you carry their own healing energy inside of you, and I enjoy watching clients grow and change so you can reach your full potential.

I have been married for 20 years. I have a cat and a dog and love animals and their people. I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors. I like to cook gourmet meals and am an active gardener. I have a long-term mindfulness meditation practice.

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“Although things seemed to be going pretty well in my life when Becky and I first got together, it became apparent that things that lie deep in one’s self need to be addressed at times, and with Becky’s help, patience and wisdom she helped me bring things that needed to be surfaced for many years. I thank her for all her help and support and can recommend her to anyone who needs some things worked out without a big fuss, just good conversation, and practices to help manage one’s life in a more productive and happy way.”


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