I am trained in a therapy that has a main focus on change.  As a coach, my clients and I are teaming up to promote changes.  Changes are everywhere, and inevitably there are periods in life where we feel we need to put the brakes on change.  The things I do, when I feel overwhelmed by change, is I coast for a while.  I keep my routine, I don’t invite in new variables, and I turn inward.  Outwardly, I look as though I am embracing my life, but inwardly I am hanging on for dear life.

If I stood in front of a group of 200 people and I asked, “Raise your hand if you love change?!”  About 10 percent of the people would raise their hand.  The majority of the group would have mixed feelings about change or even buck against change.  Here is the thing, when we are slowing down our lives, we are still in the middle of change.  Change and growth are constant.  The beautiful thing is when we are intentionally halting change we are re-grouping, we are fermenting, we are in a stage of change that is micro, but we are still changing.

Think of change like a cycle.  Compare it to the four seasons in nature.  When observing farmers, during each phase of farming, sometimes it appears as if nothing is happening. The land looks as though nothing will grow there again, and yet there is a harvest at the next summer or fall.    Don’t pick on yourself if you are taking a break.  Because if you want to continue to grow and become the fullest person you desire to be, you will.

Take a good look around you.  People are living full vibrant lives.  Watch out for the people who have “It.”  They are calm, they are giving, and they are patient with themselves and others.  They are in their stride.  They are not bragging.  They are being.  You and I will get there even if, at times, it is at a snail’s pace.