Many therapists hire a therapist because we know how helpful and positive the experience can be. Other people don’t think about hiring a therapist unless they hear from a friend or family member I went to therapy for (interject issue here) and it was so helpful to me because (insert benefits here). We want to reach out to the therapy novices out there or the people on the fence about therapy and we want to win you over! Therapy can be beneficial for many reasons.
For one your therapist will be objective. We are not your family or friends. We will meet with you, we will get to know you and we will help you sort out what is best for you. We will not tell you what is best for you. We will be knowledgeable. We have a wide variety of experience and training and we will be teaching you techniques and strategies that are known by experts and directly experienced by our previous clients that are beneficial. With good therapy comes working with someone who is non-judgmental and supportive. Becky and I hold a very high value that we want our clients to know and feel that they can be open and honest with us and there will be no judgment.
We will not talk about right or wrong but we will say, “How’s that belief working for you?” or “How is that behavior working for you?” “Is it effective?” We will also be a role model for you. We want you to shoot for the stars and achieve your goals! We want you to feel whole and be whole! We work on our own goals and our mental health and well-being, and you will see that every time we meet.
And, finally, therapy is confidential. What you tell your therapist in the session stays with your therapist. You can feel confident that your pain, struggle, hurt or sorrows will stay confidential. Come experience therapy! You might be pleasantly surprised!