In Greek, mantis means prophet or seer. People sought out the mantis when they needed direction and information about their lives and their futures. A seer is someone who can see things that others cannot, who can make sense of the information that they are given by the environment and the people around them in a unique way that brings new insight to a previously perplexing situation.  The mantis was also known as a healer, and was sought out for this purpose.

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Our philosophy: We believe you are the expert regarding your own path to healing, growth, transformation and success. 


Vision Statement:  We make the world a better place by developing authentic leaders. We empower you to align your values with your actions and bravely manifest your unique purpose in the world.


Mission Statement:  We serve our community by providing leadership coaching, personal and relationship coaching, and licensed professional counseling services.   We challenge and support leaders, business professionals, and individuals to make powerful changes that allow you to self-actualize your goals, be they personal, professional, or spiritual. 

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