I work with people wanting try a new job or career. Below are some of my favorite tips:

  1. Resume: Update your resume and cater it and cover letter(s) to the new career path you are taking.  If you do not want to hire a resume building consultant, ask three friends to send you their resumes as guides.
  2. Job Shadow: Meet up with friends or acquaintances that are doing what you want to start doing.  You do not have to know the individuals well, but it helps if a good friend of theirs is a good friend of yours. Talk about what aspects of the job they love and hate.  Maybe shadow them for am afternoon.
  3. Volunteerism – Volunteer for a company you wish to work.  This may not work for every career field.  But, if it does, starting as a volunteer can get your foot in the door.  (I know a few friends that this has worked for.)
  4. Informational Interview: Informational interviews are very popular.  You read up on a company you respect and would like to work for and you set up a meeting with the HR department in order to learn more about the company.  You attend the interview as if you are applying for a job and bring your resume.  If there is no position available, let them no you would be interested in working there in the future.
  5. Career Coach: Hire a career Coach.  We can assist, support and guide you on your career change.
  6. Career Counseling:  If you attended and graduated from a college or trade school, many schools offer discounted Career Counseling and Career Assessments for their Alumni at a discounted rate.  They can help you find your strengths, and career preferences etc.


Good luck!