There are people that are really good at doing what they “want”.  They want a new car and they purchase it.  They want to tour Europe and they go for it!  It is sometimes fun to watch and be entertained by individuals that don’t spend time thinking about “should”.  You know these folks.  They don’t have much in savings or in their retirement but their bucket list is mostly checked off.

And then there are the people that are living their life safely and living in the “should” world.  This group may have a large retirement plan; they rarely splurge but they have little to no debt.  If they have debt there are on a mission to pay it off ASAP.  They save all their money just to pass on to their kids or grandkids.

My wish for everyone is to strike a balance.  For those that are too busy being extremely responsible, relax a bit.  Maybe you have planned a trip for 2019, maybe take it this year.  Maybe you could get a bit used to having a little credit card debt with the goal of having an unforgettable life experience.  You are used to buying a used car, but how would it feel once to buy a newer car or a much newer car than your M.O.?

And for you instant gratification people, try delaying the trip just 6 months.  Prepay on a Starbucks card.  Limit yourself to 50 dollars a month on Starbucks rewards and stick to it.  When it runs out, make coffee at home.  Don’t say yes when a friend, last minute, asks you to go gambling in Vegas.  Work with a financial planner to set some savings goals.  Find ways to feel good about having a pause button or a NO button.  Stick to a budget more often.  Still complete your bucket list but spread your adventures out over a longer length of time.

Do you have trouble living in the moment?  Do you live in the moment too much?  Give us a call.  We will help strike a “want” and “should” balance.