If winter should say,

“Spring is in my heart”

Who would believe winter?

-Khalil Gibran

If you’re like me, winter is a challenging season.  The short days and not enough time in the warm sun seem to bring on the wintertime blues.  I am so tired of winter.  This week seemed to be the perfect storm of sadness, lack of motivation, and a sense of hopelessness.  Add to the mix both some personal and professional setbacks and disappointments this week and I was feeling very stuck.  It was very difficult for me to “believe winter” in the context of Gibran’s poem above.

Lucky for me, the sun was bright today with unseasonably warm temps.  I couldn’t analyze my recent feelings or set goals or self-motivate.  All I could do was to get outside, soak in the sun, and walk in the city and in the gardens.  And somehow, after just a few hours, my perspective is starting to lighten up. I’m starting to believe again, believe that spring is in winter’s heart and that hope and inspiration and right action can emerge from my own winter heart.  I can sense some new goals for my life alchemizing.  I am going to seek out some coaching to help me get clear and what I need to do next, but in this very moment, I am still waiting.  Sometimes, I believe we have to wait, abide, sit with life as it is, even when it is uncomfortable and feels stuck in winter.  I’ve been hibernating.  Time to wake up soon.

The line from the Gibran poem I stumbled upon a few weeks ago, perhaps a moment of synchronicity that it should come into my life now.  It inspired some lyrics to a song I am working on writing:

If winter should say that spring is on the way, would you believe and see beyond today?

If winter did say that spring will be here soon, would you wait with me until the flowers bloom?

Spring is coming.  May we be patient just a little longer and trust that it is also in our hearts.