You are never lost.  Be grateful for where you are wherever you are right at this moment.  You have been on your journey and you are alive, you are growing, learning and expanding even if you may not feel the growth today.

You are here.  Look around you. What are the signs of your growth?  Have you beaten an addiction? Are you persevering through chronic pain?  Celebrate the beauty that is you.  Even through the crack in your voice as you touch in on your core and your strength, please know you are never lost.

Look back on a rough time.  How did you persevere? Did you use prayer? Did you use the right supports?  Did you sit still and tap into your inner knowing and pull yourself forward through sheer will? Give yourself permission to be still.

When you set your mind to something that is meant for you your path will become clear; the weeds and darkness and self doubt will disappear.

Take your time.  Do not rush.  You are never lost.