When I watch the news or get on social media I am immediately saddened.  I have been feeling this pull to stay home and avoid dealing with the discombobulating  current events.  I also feel an urge to try and fix injustices and  I feel the impulse to throw my hands up in the air and give up.

I work in a field where I have been traumatized first hand and I have experienced secondary trauma.  I do not have the ability to live like the three monkeys-  Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil.  I have known about and witnessed police brutality.  I know about and have experienced misogyny. I have received my own help in order to resolve trauma and PTSD.  I work with men and woman that are various races, various ages (as young as three and as seasoned as their 60’s), and  people of various sexual orientations. I have supported the lower class, and the upper class.  I would like to offer a few ideas to try in order to feel empowered and hope during this anxious and difficult time.

Kind Gestures

Kind gestures are very helpful for our world.  When I notice a person reaching out to another person with kindness, it ends up making most everyone feel supported, goodness and empowerment.  It feels nice for the person giving, it feels nice for the person receiving, and it feels good for the people witnessing the act of kindness.  Kind acts can be small.  They do not have to be big.  Expressions of kindness can be giving a friend a small gift, treating someone to lunch, giving someone a compliment, a nice friendly smile to someone in the car next to you, opening the door for someone, or having kind words for someone that looks like they are having a challenging day.  Think of something you can do today that would brighten someone’s day.  When more people are being kind the world is a safer place to live.  Friday, I gave a man down on his luck my leftover pizza.

Be Pro-Human 

I feel we can get caught up in who is right or what side is right.  If we look at people as if they could be our mother, father, grandfather, daughter, son or grandchild, I feel we would make better choices towards each other.  It is not easy to develop this skill.  Especially if we have a great deal of stress going on.  I want people to try and respond versus react. Try and see people as their potential loved ones. Let’s say someone cuts you off on the highway, but then you see that it is your best friend.  Wouldn’t you say, “I know them, they must need to get somewhere fast?” Or, “I love them, so let’s give him/her a break.”

Set Boundaries 

The news and social media are full of tragedy;  We all know this.  There is one positive story to every 10 disturbing  events.  Chose to take a break from the headlines.  Take the weekends off, or only look at the news once a week.  Tell people you want a break from the fear mongering and change the subject. If you see a friend on social media going down the path of fear and ctastrophizing statements, hide their news feed for a week.

I hope one if these techniques will be of some help.