It struck me the other day that it is almost June, and I can’t believe we are that far into the year. So now is a great time to review goals for the year. You remember, the goals you made at the end of last year or the beginning of this year. You might have called them resolutions, or just plans. It doesn’t matter what name you use. Pull them out and dust them off and see what you’ve accomplished so far.

It’s actually not a bad idea to review each month what you’ve done and where you’re going because it’s easy to forget things that were really important at the time. But if you haven’t done that, it’s never too late to start. Look at the year so far, and add up your accomplishments. What books have you read? What plans have you set in motion? What lifestyle changes have you started (exercise, eating better, getting more sleep)? What professional achievements have you made? What have you done to give back to your community? What are you doing to take care of yourself? What other things have you accomplished that can’t even be measured?

How does all of that stack up to the goals you set for yourself? Are you getting close the halfway point, or have you stopped and given up? It may be time to reassess and set new goals that are more aligned with where you are in your life now. It may also be time to get moving on what you wanted for yourself in the first place. There is still time to set your year in motion.

I have a vision board that I made at the beginning of the year sitting right next to my desk, and I look at it each day to remind me of my goals. I can see that I have actually done many of the things on that “list”, and I can also see that I am in the middle of working on others, but I have some room to grow. It’s helping me to plan my direction for the rest of this year.

It may be time for you to do the same. What do you want to accomplish before the year is out? What changes have you made and fallen back on that you could pick back up? What will it take for you to get to being halfway there by the time we reach the halfway point of the year? What is new that had not occurred to you at the beginning of the year but makes sense now? Where do you want to be at this time next year? What would you be doing if you didn’t have any more excuses? What would you be doing if money was not an impediment? How can you make those things happen anyway?

All of these answers will inform how you live your life and work towards your goals for the rest of the year. And living the way you want to live is the best way I know of having the life you’ve always wanted.