Happy 2016!  As coaches, we have been reflecting on our awesome clients and writing about our experiences working with them.  We hope this will provide some insight about how coaching can support you on your own path.  If you are considering working with a coach, see if one of our coaches may be a match for you in 2016.  We offer coaching in-person and via phone or skype.  Contact us to learn more.


My clients inspire me to reach my own goals. Every day I work with people who are very close to reaching their goals, but need support and encouragement to go the last few steps. They have great ideas, but fall into procrastination and perfection traps, or get discouraged because they aren’t moving as quickly as they’d hoped they would, or the important people in their lives don’t believe in them or tell them they can’t do what they have set out to do. These brave and wonderful people come in to work with me, and we figure out how to bridge those gaps so that we can walk over the bridge together and celebrate what is on the other side.  Watching their transformations of themselves and their businesses makes me want to go the extra mile for them and for myself as I grow my own business.

I love working with motivated entrepreneurs and small business leaders! They are so full of energy and ideas and the desire to do incredible things in the world. They make me see their vision, which was not possible before they created it. I also love working with clients in transition – between jobs, changing careers, life changes (divorce, changes in family structure, making way for new things to come, etc.), retirement, and all the other transitions a person goes through in a lifetime. The possibilities that exist in those moments, the opportunities for growth, are always amazing. How everything shifts and transforms to its completion is always wonderful to witness and to be a part of. I feel truly blessed that my clients allow me to walk this road with them.


As a leadership coach, I love to coach clients who are doing the hard work of career in this modern world.  How do we show up to work as our true selves speaking with our true voices?  How do we ensure we don’t feel like we’ve “sold out” our ideals?  How do we improve our relationships with colleagues, especially with the conflicts and frustrations that we all inevitably experience at work?  How do we make a real contribution to the world?  How do we make ourselves of benefit to others in daily life?  How do we step up to the plate to become leaders at work and at home?  How do we balance work and home and all of the things pulling us in so many directions at once?

I was miserable at work a few years ago.  I got a coach.  I found out, in my case, I was my own worst enemy.  I changed myself and, as a result, my experience of the same place of work was radically changed.  That might work for you, too.  Or, you may need to move on to something entirely new.  There is a lot of creative room to work in-between.  As a coach, I will help you uncover your own path to your own success.

If you are wondering how to improve your work-life experience, contemplating changing careers, trying to decide if you should go to school, or considering retirement, I want to coach you.  Will we do vision and goals together?  Absolutely, but I don’t coach from a formula.  I want you to find your passion and act on it.  There are an infinite variety of ways to do just that, so we will find your own unique way that feels right to you.


My clients describe themselves as unfulfilled in their professional lives, financial status, or relationships.   Recognizing that doing the same thing without a feeling of joy, contentment or fulfillment leaves them in a rut, they are ready and open to new possibilities and growth through change. We work together to set goals that will move them in a direction they want to go.  With their support, permission and willingness to explore change,   I am able to push my clients much harder than they ever push themselves.  I am radically honest when they are getting in their own way.  With humor and pathos, I help them see their beliefs can be motivating and supportive of their inner truth, or they can sabotage and slow their progress and growth.  We work on the constructs of thinking that may be putting rocks in their gardens or mud in their shoes.  What we believe has power and we can make huge strides by changing what we believe.

My warm, intelligent clients are women who know something is missing in their lives.  They are successful, smart, and talented, and they want more meaningful experiences and richer lives.  Their intuition whispers, “I can be more and I will be more.”   My clients have many parts of their lives going well.  But in order to be their best selves, I invite them to do the hard work of facing their darkest fears.  They succeed by taking small initial steps to change their course in order to manifest their true calling. Through coaching they reach their next level of becoming who their souls yearn for them to be.

My clients report my belief in them is unwavering and my positive energy is contagious.  They also share that I do not let them off the hook.  I am determined to walk the walk with them as we catapult each other to higher earthly and spiritual places. It is hard work, with joyful and meaningful results.  My work as a coach is to help my clients find joy in living the life they were born to live.  As we often read, and as I know to be true, ‘it is never too late to be the person we were meant to be.” Claim that person with a coach and enjoy the rest of your life in a meaningful and fulfilled way.

Thank you for being one of our over nearly 4,000 subscribers to our blog!  We hope the topics we present throughout the year are meaningful to you.  Once or twice a year only, we want to advertise our coaching business.  Because most of our blog followers are not local geographically, we offer coaching via phone or skype.  Please contact us if you are interested in working with a coach in 2016!  Thanks for following our blog.