I have begun setting boundaries with certain relationships.  I do not desire to make as much time and extra energy to be around people that see the world in negative ways.  I am seeking peace in my life, therefore I work to spend the day with  content, positive, or uplifting people versus those who point out everything wrong in the world.  The more peaceful and content things have become for me, the more I have been distancing myself from the people who bring me down.

I am not talking about the people that are going through a rough time.  I am talking about setting boundaries with the life long Debbie Downers. I love people that challenge me to be  my best self; a positive person.  I do not like when people see the joy and serenity within me and work to discount it.  It is quickly clear which people are working towards peace and contentment and those that allow negativity to dominate their minds, hearts and souls.

If you have anyone in your life that when you spend time with them  you walk away feeling less content, distance yourself from them.  Start by setting small boundaries.  If you choose to keep someone in your life that is negative, start to spend less time with them.  You may have a life long friend you can’t imagine breaking up with completely. So instead, I suggest going longer and longer stretches in connecting with them and when you see them make the time shorter.

Life is too short to hide or hinder your inner peace.  Surround yourself with people that support your loving, compassionate and positive self.  Be kind to yourself when have a Debbie Downer day or week.  I had one last week.  Be your own cheerleader because it will help you get back to the you you like to be.  If you want to fully appreciate your life, saying no to negative relationships is for you.  If you are surrounded by negativity start making small changes that will take you down a brighter path.  People in your life should evoke lightness in you, not darkness.  You are can do it.  Set a new boundary this week.