Did you ever notice that our culture does not promote or support us being present or sitting in satisfaction?  We could choose to feel greatly pleased when our hard work pays off with a big check mark in the successfully completed column of a project or a met goal. We could suspend busy activity and mindless motion to absorb that warm feeling of contentment. Instead, we feel the pressure of what’s next?  If you agree, let’s  all get together and create a new trend.  We can create youtube videos and clever commercials spreading the word across the country encouraging us to pause after reaching personal goals. Bask in the glow of self-satisfaction. Got pride? Got Satisfaction?

My wish is that we can sit in a state of pleasurable satisfaction a bit longer.  Many people reach larger goals just to move on to something else or the next thing.  Time and time again my friends, clients, and coworkers  complete a big project, complete graduate school or win an award, but fail to be present for long in the pride of it all.

Think about this.  What was the last goal you reached that took a while? Think about how long it took for you to achieve the goal.   How long did you celebrate?  How long did you sit still and appreciate your effort, the sacrifices you made, the 12 plus hour work days or the working while sleepless nights?  There may be a few people out there that do this well, and if you are one the wise ones who fully allow yourself to feel the depth of your effort and achievements, wonderful! Give lessons to people and spread the word on the joys of self-satisfaction time.

I am calling out those of you that reach big goals and downplay the accomplishment or move too fast through the accomplishment phase of success.  For those of you that returned to work after raising your children, take it all in.  For those of you that are wrapping up your masters, sit in satisfaction.  For those of you who have children graduating from high school, sit still in this moment.  For those of you that recently retired, look at what you have done.   You have rocked it!  Please bask in the feeling of pride.

Please help me in this endeavor.  If you have a loved one who has reached a goal, support him or her in being present in the “I made it” moment.  Encourage him or her to sit in accomplishment a little longer.  Assist friends in not needing to move on so fast to the next big thing. We have earned every phase of working, learning and reaching our goals.  Here’s to experiencing mindful satisfaction in 2016!