I’ve said it more than once, but I think it bears repeating that I have everything I need – and then some. As we move towards the Thanksgiving holiday, I count myself very lucky to have been born in the time and place that I was and with the brain that I have and the support system I have been fortunate enough to create for myself. And I’m grateful for so much more than that, too!
I am grateful that I have so many opportunities presented to me every day that allow me to learn new things and thrive in my current situation. I am grateful that I can pay my bills and plan my future and do almost everything I would like to do (even if it takes quite a bit of planning, saving money, or having to make a choice not to do something else). I look at how everything in my life has conspired with me to become the person I am today and how it continues to conspire with me to create all the great things that will come.
Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget that so much had to happen to get me to this place. And sometimes I look around and see that others have more and better cars, jobs, houses and lives than I do, and it gets me down. It makes me forget all the wonderful things I really do have going for me. And it makes me forget that everyone has their burdens to bear. I also look around and see that there are people who are homeless and struggling and really cannot get out of the holes they are in.
I know I can’t fix everyone else’s problems, but it doesn’t diminish me in any way to have compassion for them. And I always have more compassion when I feel grateful for my own situation. It’s much easier said than done, but when I take the focus off what is external to me and my life and turn it internally, I see all that I have and I forget about all that I don’t have. There will always be another thing to grab my attention and take me away from myself, but I don’t have to follow it. I can focus on how fortunate I really am and then have more to give to others.
I encourage you to look at your own life and see all of the wonderful things that make up your everyday existence and practice gratitude towards them. I encourage you to see your life with eyes that know that you, too, have everything you need in this moment.