I have noticed that there are people that consistently maintain a very busy work life and social life.  They work and then attend social events or any events. They could be networking events, dinner with friends  or getting together with family.   You know these people or you may be one of them.  There are others that work a great deal and then maybe have one day on the weekend to get everything done for the upcoming week.   They seem to like to work and some would say that is me.  And another routine  for certain people is that they work, but stay home on the weekends.  They talk with me about wanting to do more social events or taking friends up on invites to parties, but don’t.

I think we could all stretch ourselves and add or subtract things from our schedules for one month and see what happens.  One month seems daunting doesn’t it?  So let’s instead try to do something for a week.  If we can make the change for one week, it could be fruitful for us.  In making these changes, I would like us to reflect on what we notice internally and externally.  We can track this adventure through journaling our experience.

Internally, for people that stay home it could be anxiety provoking to add a social event per week.  It could stir up feelings of worry or questions like will people like me at the gathering or will I get stuck there if I want to leave?  Externally,we might notice that our friends are more likely to invite us again if we actually RSVP.  Externally,we might notice that adding one event builds useful connections in our community.

For those that work too much, and we commit to reducing our work hours for a week or a month, what might we notice internally?  Does down time make us anxious?  Does free time to do anything but work, invite us to notice the feelings that surface?  Does it give us time to notice something is missing for us?  Externally what could shift?  Would we have more time to have fun, to build a spiritual practice or to relax?

For the people that never stay home and always jam pack their social lives, what would surface internally or externally if we experimented with being alone once a week?  Internally would we worry, we were missing out?  Would we discover we don’t know how to be alone?  Would we need to learn we like our own company?  Externally would our house be in better order or would we have more food in the fridge?

I am game to try this experiment, are you? I think we may discover that we will grow internally and externally by challenging our weekly routines?  If we have been successful for one week, lets add a second week.