Do you have something in your life that you keep thinking about? Something you want to do but find all kinds of excuses not to. Something you’ve been dreaming about all of your life, or at least the last few years. Something that seems possible, but only for other people. Think about that one thing you keep talking yourself out of.

What stands in your way? Really? People you know tell you you’re crazy for thinking about it or it just seems too far away from where you are right now. Maybe you gave up on it a long time ago because of a different set of circumstances that took you in another direction, but you still return to it. Maybe you’re afraid that if you do it, it will lose its magic, and you really need to hold on to that right now. It could be that you’re too busy to start on anything, particularly a long shot. Maybe you don’t know where to begin.

Maybe you want to go back to school or learn to play the violin or become a photographer. Maybe you want to start a non-profit for a cause that’s important to you. It could be that you’ve been thinking about a career change for a long time but you’re kind of comfortable where you are. Or maybe you just want to go on a really incredible vacation or buy a car you used to dream about when you were a kid. It doesn’t matter what it is, only that it’s your dream and that it’s important to you.

The one thing people actually regret on their death beds is not taking a risk, not doing what they really wanted to do. And by that time, it’s too late. Don’t wait for the time to be right or for circumstances to change. Nothing will ever be perfect, or even the way you want it to be. And that’s not what’s really getting in the way. Sure, there are lots of things to set into place and lots to be afraid of, not the least of which is failure. Be afraid, and do it anyway.

There’s a joke that asks, “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer is, “One bite at a time.” Which is how we do anything in life. Take the first step, even if it’s a very small one. Open a savings account to put aside money towards your dream. Go online and get information about the school program you’re interested in. Set up an informational interview to see if you’re on the right track to move into something new. Do something to set it into motion. And then follow it through.

It’s possible that your dream will turn out to be something other than what you hoped it would be or that you change it to something else in the middle. Anything could happen. But nothing can happen if you keep it inside and do nothing about it. And don’t worry about what other people think, they don’t have to live with your regrets.