Life can be full of the same.  Wake up, take care of the kids (or fur kids), get ready for work, go to work, come home, eat dinner, get ready for bed, go to sleep and repeat.  There are good things about having a routine.  For many people it is nice to have a predictable life.  But I have found that we all could use something to look forward to, especially when our life becomes predictable, dull or lacks luster.  Let’s intentionally give it a little sparkle.

I have been talking to friends, clients, and family and we remind each other that it can be very motivating, exciting and worthwhile to have something on our calendars to look forward to.  I had dinner with a friend last weekend.  She is very close to retiring and she shared what keeps her going is having “the next trip.”  She had just returned from a long weekend in New York and she will be going to Iceland this summer.   I know some of you are saying, “Yeah, like I have the time or the money to vacation in Iceland.” Well, I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money in order to have something motivating you to keep going or add a charge to your batteries.

Having something on your calendar could be a small home improvement.  You could decide to paint your bathroom; or you could take a day trip somewhere in your state that you always wanted to visit. You could budget a few hundred dollars and get some new clothes.  It could be planning a small family picnic with cousins you have not seen for a while.  It could be picking up a new hobby that you have always wanted to learn, but never got around to it.

I challenge you to add one exciting thing on your calendar a quarter.  I bet you will see that it can be the little shake up in your world you need.  One of my clients decided to get her scuba training and license!   Only you know what activity will sparkle up your future with eager anticipation.  Happy planning!!