Tell your “Love” Story and  win a free coaching session!

I have been toying with the idea of a relationship or a dating coaching book for a couple years now.  I know there are many single people who are very happy being single and I bless you in your bliss!

I am looking for people willing to write about and share their dating disasters and relationship woes. I am searching for people who have found their person and the people on the dating market still pursuing their love match to share their experiences. I am searching for stories of dates from hell.  I seek stories about marriages, partnerships or relationships that have their bumps and detours in the road, but the relationship is solid.

If you have been following our blog I have shared brief dating debacles of my own in pursuit of a happy state of coupledom. It’s taken me 25 years to feel I kind of know what I am doing in the dating realm and the relationship realm. Not exactly a fast study, but lots of experience, which is the best teacher. I used to provide couple’s therapy.  I found it very intense and nerve racking but what a minefield of learning “second hand”! If you don’t know this, I am outing it now.  At local mental health centers, we therapists often got told, “You are now going to provide ________ (fill in the blank) type of therapy work.”  So, for about 3 years I added couple’s therapy to my experience. It is how people gain experience in their education field, and I am grateful I wasn’t told, “Now you are going to do brain surgery tomorrow!”

As a couple’s therapist I realized quickly partnerships or marriages are not for wimps.  I would often times feel that no matter how much I read up on couple’s therapy research, finding and sustaining love and partnership is like the early pioneers in America: only the toughest, most determined and the most creative survive and thrive.

So, back to my humble request: I would love to receive stories of your trials, tribulations, and jubilation in love, dating and partnerships.  If you allow me to use your story in my book, you can remain anonymous and will receive a complimentary coaching session! Thank you for helping me help others find love in all the right places!

Please send your stories to