I usually  spend energy and focus on my strengths. Whenever possible, I delegate tasks or things I don’t like to do or am not adept at doing.  Well, while working with clients and confronting areas in my life of needed growth, I realize that I won’t get better at things I do not practice.  Delegating or avoiding certain things I don’t like to do is not always possible.  In fact, I am bumping up against a weakness that won’t go away, and it is time to improve today.

Except maybe my memory, there is not much about me that is detail-oriented. I  don’t spend time in details.  I dislike being slowed down to look at documentation and I get bored during editing and proof reading assignments.  I enjoy focusing on improving my strength of shooting from the hip.  I am strongly gifted with people skills; seeing peoples’ strengths, helping them recognize their talents, motivating them with encouragement, and building trust in my relationships with others. It seems I would get “a pass” and an acceptance of my heretofore ignored weakness. My weakness has caught up to me and nearly run me down!  At Mantis both of my business partners are excellent at dotting the  I’s and crossing the T’s.  They’ve been very supportive, kind and have tolerated this weakness.   But it is to the point that the Aha moment has arrived, and it has been a long time coming! I have turned weakness into strength before as in the example I will give next.

I have gotten much better with money and have become money “wise”.  It’s taken energy and focus to learn to be fiscally smart.  I practiced this skill.  I studied people and focused on people that were good at this skill. I researched expertise and sought out human resources to help me grow in this area. I now enjoy much improved financial management and planning.  I decided it was time to learn and grow and build confidence in the financial part of my life.   It was challenging at first, and I hired an excellent financial planner for help, but in the end I am so glad I turned a weakness into a strength.  The biggest challenge is turning a weakness into a competence, when there is LITTLE TO NO motivation to do so.

Until now, being detail oriented has NOT been something I have had ANY desire to address or fix.  It’s time to put on my big girls pants.  I need to walk the walk. Daily, I ask my clients to practice new behaviors and to transform their weaknesses into areas of growth and strength.  In particular, I help and guide people to become good at dating.  It is awesome when a person becomes good at something, and you witness as their confidence builds in an area of previous struggle. Empowerment begets confidence that spreads to other areas of their life.

I am committed to becoming better at detailed work.  But, I have to be honest, I will not feel confident and empowered for awhile.  Readers please root for me!  My energy and power, after all, gets charged from all of you!!!

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