Looking for a gift that will give lifelong benefits to someone you love or to yourself?

Give the gift of coaching this holiday season. It is truly a “gift certificate of a lifetime!”

Hiring a coach is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  I have had a personal growth spurt that I would never have anticipated possible before meeting with my coach. In my experience, it has truly been the gift that keeps on giving as I have grown so much in the last few years. Coaching others’ is a magnificent way to learn from others’ while they are gaining insight and learning from coaching sessions.  Perhaps you have heard the expression, “Physician, Heal Thyself”?  I’ve discovered it can be applied coaching as well:“ Coach, Hire Yourself a Coach!” The positive outcomes resulting from personal coaching is the thrust of my blog today. “What is coaching?”  It helps people to compare and contrast coaching to consulting.  I will write about the difference between coaching and consulting. As you read about its benefits, I am hoping you will give yourself or a loved one the gift of coaching.



Coaching is very collaborative.  The coach and the client look at the bigger picture and work as a team to assist clients in reaching self-defined goals.  I will use the  subject pronoun“We” to emphasize this collaboration. We focus on the client’s strengths and build on them. We bring the strengths into sharp focus. We identify and address obstacles such as struggles or fears if they are getting in the way of achieving goals. These are speed bumps on the way to a desired and identified finish line, but we do not focus on problems.  We also discover and disclose inner wisdom and assist in bringing it to the surface. This discovery process improves many levels of living, not just one.  Whereas a CPA is expected to help navigate clients’ taxes advantageously, coaches are able to broaden their collaboration into several aspects of a clients’ lives.  We assist outcomes aimed at improving lives advantageously based on clients’ beliefs, strengths, values, and desires.


Accountability is huge. We hold clients accountable.  Through the discovery process, aspects of a client’s life earmarked to flourish become our focus for short term and long term goals. We stay on track and the client decides what things need to be accomplished in between our sessions and we follow up on successes.   We refocus if distraction has thrown us off track resulting in a foggy view of goals.  We do this in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.  Maybe we decide that a change of mind has taken place, and the goal is different as a result. No harm, no foul, we readjust by exploring further if the original goal stays, goes away or just needs some tweaking.  These changes are follow- up assignments for the following session.



Most people are familiar with consulting work often used in the business world. Let’s look at the difference between consulting and coaching to clarify what coaching is and isn’t.

A business consultant, sometimes called a business advisor, is very directive.  The communication is a one way conversation whereby the client is offered specific advice.  “They” are experts in their fields.  Some examples are CPA’s, insurance agents, lawyers, or financial advisors.  If people are hiring lawyers, they are essentially hiring experts in the law. Lawyers inform clients of the best course of action and the action steps to get there.  Coaches, on the other hand, are experts at coaching. They do not need to be experts in the specific areas like consultants do. Coaches are expert listeners. By brain storming and asking the right questions of clients, we assist clients in developing their whole selves. At times we as coaches will refer clients  to an advisor.  We may add the use of an advisor as an additional option if it the client sees the benefit of doing so.


Are you convinced that you or someone you love can benefit from coaching?

Come see us in 2015 for a complimentary coaching session! The first session will be our gift to you!