Yes!  I have found my person!  Can you believe it?!  I have been coaching people for years on finding that one person that is their person.  I sometimes joked,  “Those that can’t do teach.”  But I can do, could do, and did discover my person!  I never gave up!  I walked the walk.  I stayed on the market, even when dating felt like a second job.  Each day I am with my guy I realize how much I learned on my dating journey in order to prepare me for this partnership.  I would love to share some lessons I have learned.

I uncovered what I wanted by getting into dating situations that I did NOT want.  Some of my biggest disasters in dating taught me I did not want to be with people with very different values from me.  In my 20’s I learned I did not want to date big drinkers, pot heads or people that were not good with their money.  In my 30’s I decided I did not want to date people that either HATED their mother or lOVED their mother.  In my 40’s I had the big realization that if a person is not a fan of mine and likes to pick on me versus help me grow and evolve, he had to go!  I also re-learned that a true partnership is what I wanted.  Someone that sees me as an equal and I see them as an equal.    

Another thing I both hated and loved to learn is what everyone said, but I did not believe.  When you find the right person for you it feels easy.  This was foreign to me.  I thought that most relationships were challenging and difficult.  Now I know relationships are work, but the right relationships are also  easier with “my” right person.  We have fun, we laugh really hard together, and we enjoy each other’s company.  We also push each other in positive directions and in positive ways.  I can be with him several days in a row and I don’t want to choke him.  But he may want to shake me, I’m not sure…

The final thing I will share with you that is a HUGE revelation for me.  I am a recovering people pleaser and I relapse on occasion.   With meeting my person I could CARE LESS how people feel about him.  With past relationships, I would wonder what my family thinks, or friends think about my relationship.  Today, I am pleasing myself and my partner.  The great thing is- I know my family and friends are very happy for me!

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