I have noticed that whatever I need has a way of insinuating itself into my life. I say “whatever I need” instead of “whatever I want” because they aren’t necessarily the same. If I am feeling stressed and need more time or simply feel overbooked in a day, my schedule seems to open up, whether that’s due to a cancelled appointment or a mistake in scheduling. When I need support from a friend, I inevitably get a much-needed phone call or e-mail from someone who is the exact right person to provide that to me. When I feel discouraged, I often will receive inspiration from an unexpected source that props me up and gets me back on track.


I have a note on my fridge at home that says: We have everything we need – and then some. I know that I am fortunate to be born in this time, to have had the many opportunities I have had in my life, and that I continue to have so many things that I need and that are more than I need. It helps me to remember my good fortune every time I read it. This is especially helpful when I am feeling impoverished in my thinking and in my outlook. Sometimes that’s difficult, however.


I’m well aware that in order for the people in my life to support me when I need it, I also have to be available to them and create relationships that are mutually beneficial. And I work hard to stay open to seeing that a potentially negative situation is actually positive sometimes for the reasons I mentioned above. I also practice gratitude (which is sometimes pretty hard for me), and try to stay up with what is happening in the lives of the people I care about. I’m active in my participation on social media and other ways of staying connected. I try to be thoughtful and forgiving when people or opportunities don’t meet my expectations. This all takes a lot of work. Everyday.


I also don’t think that the right things/people/opportunities come my way by magic. I know there is work going on behind the scenes that benefits me, and people doing that work every day. I know that I am always responsible for my perceptions, and that I choose to see events in my life in a positive or negative light, and, eventually, use that information to make the next steps in my daily journey. I sincerely appreciate the people in my life who do this for me. And I don’t think I have thanked them quite enough. I also hope that when I reach out to someone, they can appreciate the synchronicity of a helping hand at just the right moment coming from me.


I am infinitely grateful and appreciative today that whatever I need finds me exactly when and how I need it. I’d like to keep this relationship going. I encourage you to notice when and how you have everything you need!