We do not have time and extra energy to be around people that see the world in a negative way.  I work to spend each day with someone positive and uplifting, versus someone who points out everything wrong in the World, and many things wrong with me.  The more happy and content things have become for me, the more I have been distancing from the people who try to bring me down.

I love people that challenge me to be a better person.  I do not like when people see my happiness and want to discourage me.  It is quickly clear which people in my life have the best intentions for me, and it comes to light, when people are unconsciously or consciously trying to belittle me, disempower me or judge me.  I don’t have time for them.  I am busy helping others and myself make the world a better place. 

If you do not like me, please excuse yourself from having to be in my presence.  I will not be told who I am and who I am not.  I have worked hard for everything I have, including the peace and self-love I developed.  I have experienced hard times and tough lessons.  I have the gift of seeing the best in people, and I have an even better gift.  I have the gift of my higher power and my self-love that protects me, from being manipulated or mistreated.

If you have anyone in your life that when you spend time with them, you walk away feeling less than, distance yourself from them.  You are important, you are valued and you are special.  Life is too short to hide your strengths, your love, your gifts AND your vulnerabilities.  Surround yourself by people that challenge from a loving, compassionate and altruistic place.  Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes.  Be your own best friend.  If you want to fully love others, becoming self-loving is for you.  If you are surrounded by negativity, start making small changes that will take you down a brighter path.  People in your life should evoke lightness in you, not darkness.  You are loved.