I am the first to admit that I have had unhealthy beliefs about money.   I have felt guilty that I have money and others do not.  I also have given too much power to money.  It was not until I started to look closely at my relationship to money, that I made shifts in my beliefs and behavior in order to better serve myself, my relationships, my present and my future.

One of the new ways I am viewing money, which is serving my much better, is that money is a tool; it is something available as a resource.  I work to avoid giving money too much power and yet I plan and am aware of my current outflow and inflow of money. Unfortunately this is my second big goal that has gotten off track.

I was strategic in 2013.  I had my beliefs about money re-vamped and I was reaching money goals.  My credit card debt was disappearing, my savings was re-appearing and I was contributing a nice amount into retirement.  Then poof, I was going back to my old ways. There were a few things that contributed to my relapse into old behaviors.

 First, I did not keep meeting with my financial planner.  I need someone to hold me accountable.  Second, at the start of 2014, I did not have a coach. I thought I could keep myself accountable.  One of the biggest things about me is that I need to have an accountability partner/coach person in my life.  I need a person helping me point out what I said I am going to do and look me in the face when I don’t follow through.

Second, I switched jobs.  That speaks for itself.  How many of you stay in your jobs because it’s comfortable?  You could do it in your sleep right?  Well, do you thing I started my retirement plan up there yet?  Nope.

The final issue of my current money goal failing was that February, March and April was my most expensive quarter in forever!  Have you been there?  When you can’t catch a financial break?  You name it, thousands on the pets, thousands on the car and $1,500. 00 on a condo repair. My savings was wiped out!  I wanted to become an ostrich and put my head in a hole.  (Don’t Give up.)  What did I do?

In April, I hired a coach.  In May, I contacted my financial planner.  I made a list of the little ways I was saving money before.  I am back to coffee at home.  I am back to two $$ restaurants versus $$$ sign restaurants.  I am mindful of my grocery buying each month.  One of my greatest accomplishments in 2013 was changing my beliefs about money.  I want to continue to see money as a tool versus money as intimidating.   

Whatever goal you want to re-prioritize, maybe you are like me, and could be successful by teaming up with a coach.