Reaching a goal is sometimes difficult; especially if it is something new that you have not braved before.

I am finding that life pulls me away from two big goals I have for myself.  One goal is that Mantis will be my only means of income.  That means that Mantis is not a side business; I am creating a successful business that stands alone.  I switched jobs recently.  I am dedicating time and energy to both working for an Insurance company and for Mantis.  It’s five months in to the new job, and I started to lose my eye on the prize.  Don’t Give Up.

There is nothing like doing what you love and being your own boss at the same time.  It is awesome!  I find I am more creative, I am more passionate, and I take more risks with my life, my business team and with my clients.  If I want to change something, I change it.  Of course I talk with Becky and Jon, but we share the same vision, therefore change happens in minutes.    Don’t Give Up.

If you notice that what you really want to do is being placed out of your grasp, re-group.  If you forgot about your goal for a week, or a month or 6 months, recall it and re-claim it.  I recently allowed life to get in the way of what I want.  In my career, I have thrived to be the best of the best everywhere I have worked.  I left many people in the dust.  In the fall, I started to strive for this, at the new company.  I had a record number of member enrollments.  In three months I had enrolled as many members as my colleagues did in 6 months.    But wait… What do I really want? Don’t Give Up.

With my current coach, I realized in 5 months what in the past, would have taken three times that, I was losing my eye on the Mantis!  I was starting to treat Mantis like the side job.  Now I could beat myself up and continue to lose my way, or I could use this moment of clarity and change my ways.  My new goal at the insurance company is to do good work.  My new attitude is that I will still bring me and my skills, and my passion to help people.  But, I can be above average there.  I want to be excellent at Mantis.  Don’t Give Up. 

You have a goal or goals and they may have been put on the side lines for many reasons.  Be kind to yourself.  Notice what you want, and find a way to bring it/them back into the forefront.  Don’t Give Up.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation.  Stay tuned for the second goal I re-established and am reaching for again.