Common Coaching Myths                                           Common Coaching Myths        

 Many people are confused about what coaching is and I would like to be a myth-buster today.

Myth#1 – We tell people what to do and how to do it.

Reality Check: I RARELY tell people what to do.  I ask the right questions, I team up with you and explore who you are, what you want, and help you sort out how you can get what you want.  The part where this may be confusing is I do call it like we see it, and I do make REQUESTS.

For example if I keep hearing a “SHOULD” come up in a person’s coaching session, and it does not at all seem to be their true desire, I will point it out.  I will say something like, “It doesn’t sound like this goal is coming from who you are but rather who you feel you “should” be.” 

Myth#2 – We have the Answers.

Reality Check:  “YOU” have all of the answers.  I just help you discover what you already know.  I fully believe that, when given the opportunity to turn inward and explore your truth, you will discover the changes you want to make in your life, in order for you to live fully.   

Myth#3 – Our lives are perfect and we never lose our way.  We have the secret to having it all and don’t have any worries, problems, or insecurities. 

Reality Check:  You have been reading our blogs, so you know the answer to this myth.  What I do well, in order to keep moving forward towards growth, is I surround myself by people striving to live their truth.  I also attempt to stay aware of not getting too far off of my path. I just had a light bulb moment!  I need to re-invite my loved ones to help me with this.

Myth #4 – We are really doing a “special” kind of therapy.

Reality Check:  We are not doing therapy.  We can’t add therapy into coaching.  It would be in violation of ethical guidelines.  But, coaches callout many of the same human struggles, they just call it different things or describe things in different ways. 

Ex:  coaching:  “Don’t let you past define your present and your future.”

       therapy:   “Let’s help you get unstuck from your unresolved trauma.”

One of the biggest gifts I received from my coach is, “You don’t need to know why you do something that is unhelpful to you, to be able to “Just knock it off!”  In coaching you do NOT NEED TO KNOW THE ORIGINS OF THE BEHAVIOR TO CHANGE THE BEHAVIOR!

Ex:  coaching:  “Stop getting in your own way.”

       therapy:   “You are playing out your trauma.”

  • If we feel that a client may need therapy in addition we suggest it and recommend a therapist.

Myth#5- We are glorified friends, and all you need is a good friend to coach you. 

Reality Check:  I have spent and am still spending money pursuing coaching training.  It may look easy, and it may appear like I am just being a friend to you.  Don’t let my casual style fool you.  I am working very hard for my clients.  I am becoming as good of a coach as I am a therapist.  I am not there yet and that is why I charge what I charge.  Master Certified Coaches (MCC) charge in upwards of 300 to 500 dollars per hour.

The biggest difference by far between a coach and a friend – You are investing in the changes you want to make.  You are putting your money where your mouth is!    Evidence shows that people that pay a certain range for therapy or coaching are more invested in their goals and are more likely to make changes! It does not mean that we are not developing a friendship, but I am first and foremost your coach and my clients would not be making huge the changes they’re making if I was acting as their friend.  They may seem alike, but they are night and day.

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