Staying Present

There have been big changes in my life recently.  Some positive and some are definitely not positive.  I started to notice a few things that were not helping me during this time.  First of all, looking in the past and questioning myself as to whether something else should have been done or could have been done, was not helping.  When I spent time in the past I became sad, frustrated and angry. 

Looking ahead kept occurring also, and when I was in the future, I became stressed and worried.  One of my difficult and sad situations is that my dog Ryder is getting old and is no longer bouncing back like he used to.  Last week, we were at the vet clinic and I was told that he has a tumor (likely cancerous) in his stomach.  I found myself looking ahead and wondering how long he will live.  Will he make it to July?  He will be 13 in July.  I found myself doing all of the things I coach my clients to not do.  I began wondering what I could have done differently in caring for Ryder to have him live longer, and I began getting ahead and wanted to know how much time I had left with Ryder.  One thing I was not doing was staying present.

In the here and now and in the present is calm. Mindfulness is knowing that all is as it should be.  I thankfully have been re-centering myself and I am more present in my life.  I have been seeing Ryder as this wonderful friend that is still here.  I have been looking at him and petting him and loving him fully. I stop my thoughts when they drift into the future.  I also am not looking back as I know I have done the best I could for him always.  I am in today.  I am present.  Take this time and notice where you are.