Recently I have been working with people to create vision boards for the new year. It’s kind of like a resolution in pictures, but it’s so much more than that. Vision boards are a way of representing in a creative and artistic way what we don’t always know how to express in words. Doing a vision board with a group of people allows you to tap into each other’s creativity and to provide accountability to each other so you will actually do what you set out to do.

I love how the unconscious is an integral part of the process, showing us things that we can’t always see in a non-visual medium. I also really enjoy being in the role of facilitating the creative process with others. I gain so much from others’ insights and interpretations that I see things I never would have noticed before in my own board and in others. I also enjoy how this gets us out of our normal, thinking way of planning for the future and allows us a deeper connection to our core values and allows us to be more authentic with what we want to see manifested in our lives.

I also am touched every time I teach a workshop for vision boards by the enthusiasm of the participants and their desire to live their lives more fully. I am humbled by the struggles they bring in and their courage and determination to overcome their own obstacles and find a way through them. And I am always pleasantly surprised by the different visions the workshop participants are working towards. When we are finished, we feel as if we have created and shared something that is bigger than words can express, and yet we still want to express it.

I see my vision boards almost every day. Each time I pass by them, I remember my intention and sometimes I take more time to study the pictures I’ve put on them to see what is new and what speaks to me in this moment. I remember the class and the participants and how it felt to connect with them in that situation and what I learned about myself and others. I am encouraged to stay on course with my vision and what I am trying to manifest in my life every day. I am honored to have shared my vision and my journey with others who are trying to do the same.

If you can’t join a workshop, you can make your own board by thinking about your vision and how you would put that into pictures. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just look at your board every day, if you can, and remember what your heart and your soul need you to do. Then just do it. Every day. That’s how a vision becomes and reality.