What happened to Thank You Cards? It may have been happening for a long time; I may be the last to know.  But, I am on a mission to bring back hand written thank you cards.  We know that taking time to be grateful helps buffer negative thoughts and depression.  If I wrote to Dear Abby, I could pretty much guarantee she would promote sending Thank You Cards.  Is it a lost art?  Is a thank you text, or a thank you on social media the new version of a thank you card?  If it is, I don’t like it!

Thanksgiving just came and went.  I’m sure many of us spent time thinking about what and who we are thankful for.  We also probably ate a bit too much.  I am thankful for my stretchy jeans.  I do know some wonderful people that send out thank you cards.  I have decided to send gifts to others regardless if I am going to receive a thank you card back. I send/give you a gift because you are important to me.  If you have resorted to send a thank you through social media, please bring back the art of sending thank you cards through snail mail! 

“A personal, handwritten, thank-you note is the finest form of expressing gratitude,” according to Advanced Etiquette. Take the time and effort to show genuine appreciation with a handwritten note card, as people have done for hundreds of years. (EHOW.COM)