I have believed in EMDR for a long time.  I refer my clients regularly to receive EMDR.  This is an evidenced based process (meaning it has been proven to help).  Since I can remember, I have worked with people that have survived significant trauma.  They are drawn to me like a magnet; or maybe it is the other way around.  I was wise to team up with my business partner that is trained in EMDR.

If you have a traumatic event(s) that cannot be healed or resolved by talk therapy, I highly recommend working with my business partner.  She has been helping many clients free themselves from being stuck in their trauma and stuck in the past.  I learned first-hand the mind-blowing results of EMDR.

A few months ago, a sick abusive person from my past died.  My initial reaction was celebration and relief.  I believed this person would abuse people until he died.  I called everyone I loved to share in my relief and resolution of embracing closure from a thirty three year old trauma.  But low and behold I did not get closure.  Instead, PTSD reared its ugly head.

I couldn’t sleep.  I kept replaying a few traumatic events in my head.  I had the urge and desire to drink, in order to get rid of the haunting that had returned.  While walking my dogs and night, I was sure someone was watching and waiting to hurt me or kill me.  I was desperate for relief.  I started to tell my friends and colleagues of my struggles.  A good friend of mine told me of Charlie Johns- an EMDR expert.  I immediately gave him a call.  I could not believe how powerful the experience was and how,  after one session, I no longer had PTSD.  (For some people it may not work as quickly.)

EMDR is usually done in 8 phases.  Because it was clear I was ready, I had done talk therapy related to the past, and I had solid coping skills and supports, we jumped right in.  If you have a trauma that it not resolved and keeps interfering with your life, EMDR may be the answer.  Becky, would screen you and make sure you were a good fit for EMDR.  She would also make sure you had an understanding of EMDR and the process before starting EMDR.  It feels right in promoting EMDR, when I know first-hand, how powerful and healing it was for me.  Give Becky a call (720)-394-1437 for a complimentary consultation.

(Charlie Johns LPC, CACIII  303-903-7627)