As a coach I have noticed a trend.  I have noticed that there is a gender difference in women’s versus men’s thoughts and attitudes towards hiring coaches.  Where men are concerned, they hire coaches in order to get where they want to go.  They don’t appear to feel guilty about spending money on themselves in order to become more successful, or to achieve greater satisfaction at work or in their lives.  Men are self-focused and are goal oriented.  They view hiring a coach as an asset, a tool, a given.  Whereas women hire coaches for the same reasons, several women, I team up with, question whether they are worthy of spending the financial investment or doubt about whether they should put their needs in front others, or the question whether their hard earned money should go elsewhere.

 I have struggled with this myself.  I have focused on taking care of others, while forgetting about my own needs.  With that being said, one of the best choices I have ever made is/was hiring a business coach.  Did it feel kind of selfish?  Yes.  Was it, at times, difficult to have someone 100 percent focused on what I want out of life?  Yes. Was it one of the best decisions I made?  Yes!!!

We can discuss all of the reasons that women tend to be other focused/prioritized versus, self-focused/prioritized.  But it really doesn’t matter why this tendency occurs.  What we need to realize is that being self-focused and taking care of ourselves is good for us because it creates positive and lasting results.  Many women do a great job of looking out for themselves and would not feel the list bit guilty or unworthy of investing their money into a coach.  I am reaching out to those who consistently put off their own needs at work, in their relationships, and at home.  Saying yes to you, is saying no to regrets, resentments, and no to lost opportunities. Hiring a coach (we suggest at least 6 months) is saying yes to a happier, more rich (figuratively and literally), and a more well-rounded life.  The above is/was my experience of teaming up with my coach.

I learned to take risks.  I learned that deep down, I knew what I needed, but I unearthed my needs and desires because my coach asked the right questions and shared what he saw.  He pointed out every time I got in my own way.  He helped me drop thinking errors and faulty beliefs that, were not doing me any favors, and were self-sabotaging.

He also assisted me in manifesting my vision into real life plans and goals.  I am a talker, so I could talk him to death, but he had the ability to interrupt me, when I was getting off track.  He would ask permission to interrupt, but I learned that getting stuck in a story, of what I thought about myself, was not helping me create the change I wanted in my life.  He did not want me to waste my time.

I also learned that you do not  need to know why you created a bad habit, in order to knock off the bad habit.  When you hire me, you will see that I don’t spend much time in the why, but I spend time in the How and the When.  He also held me accountable.  I am the type of person that when I say out loud to a witness, that I will do something, then I am sure as hell more likely to do it.

Coaches are great, if you are like me and need someone to push you.  We push our clients harder than they push themselves.  That is why our clients hire us at Mantis. We believe at Mantis that one of the best investments a woman will make, is investing in her self development and self-success.  Call us today for a complimentary consultation.