I recently did fall cleaning and clearing of my closet, my hope chest, and my storage space.  It is unbelievable how much stuff I gathered in order to donate, shred, or throw away.  It was as if I have not done it in years, but actually I had last completed this task in November.  Some of the realizations I discovered while “cleaning out my closet”, were eye opening and liberating.

First of all, I noticed the temptation to look through things just to try to keep them longer.  Thank goodness I somehow resisted this urge. I threw away many photos.  I reminisced about the various times in my life from childhood to now, and I came to the conclusion that I would keep a group shot or two from each time period.  I threw away photos that my friends and family were not fond of in the first place.  I kept the shots in focus and I kept the shots of people in my life.  I did not need to keep photos of the Australians that crashed in our college shack in the summer of ’95.  I did not need to keep a photo of a guy that taught me to play pool.

I also threw away old cards and the clunky photo albums that were oh so popular in the 90’s.  Good riddance.  Recycling those 5 albums made room many other items I decided to keep.  Why did I have a tinge of feeling bad when throwing out photos of people who’s name I didn’t remember?  Though, it did make sense that throwing out cards from people was harder.  The good news is that the temporary guilty feeling did not stop me from de-cluttering my life.

The other realization I had was that I love looking at my clean, tidy and organized closet, storage space and hope chest.  Wow!  It was calming and it made me feel as though I accomplished something big!  I also re-discovered some of my favorite books, training material and college material.  Some of my co-workers are enjoying the DBT binders as I write.

The final aspect of de-cluttering that I embraced is that I have made room for new people, new experiences and new memories.  I love the adventure I am on in my here and now and also the adventure of my future.  So, if de-cluttering and clearing out sounds good to you, give it a try.