I will be the first to admit that I have had unhealthy beliefs about money.   I have felt guilty that I have money and others do not.  I also have given too much power to money.  It was not until I started to look closely at my relationship to money, that I made shifts in my beliefs and behavior in order to better serve myself, my relationships, and my present and my future.

One of the new ways I am viewing money, which is serving my much better, is that money is a tool; it is something available as a resource.  I work to avoid giving money too much power and yet I plan and am aware of my current outflow and inflow of money.

I have started to embrace simple rules for myself.  Feel free to try them out for yourself if you wish.

  1.  KNOWLEGE not MONEY is POWER.  Know your money situation inside and out.
  2. Spend LESS than you make.
  3. Give back to CHARITY when you can.
  4. Evaluate at LEAST once a year your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and anxieties around money and see if you need to modify, change, drop, or increase any of them.
  5. Money CAN NOT buy happiness.  (Just ask the power ball winners.)
  6. Borrow ONLY what you know you can repay.
  7. Plan in “FUN” spending.
  8. Do PLAN for your financial FUTURE.
  9. Make MORE money.  We can either spend less or make more.  Why not make more $$$$?
  10. Get comfortable TALKING about money.

These are just some of my money management ideas that are serving me well in 2013.