I go in and out of procrastination.  It is the funniest thing.  I have struggled with this since I can remember.  I can’t believe that it is something I go in and out of.  For example, when I am on time, I write a blog every other Friday.  Let’s look at the date of the post.  Sunday.  Yes I feel that this blog needed to be about procrastination today.

In my work life and my personal life, I believe that many people will say I am reliable and dependable, but, at times, I may say to them, I need an extra day or two in order to get something done. I wonder if my friends and family all know this about me and accept this part of me.

As far as expectations and due dates, in my work life, I am usually more on it.  Yet in my own business, I want (not should) to be more diligent.  Mantis is my favorite career by far; I love it.  Yet I put off writing the blog.  Mantis has been the best self-care I know. I have a wonderful business partner, I thoroughly enjoy the clients I team up with here, and yet I slack off with things like blog writing.  It is confusing.  I guess it relates to going in and out of self-care, and becoming aware of where I put my energy.

Putting time and energy into Mantis is about self-love and prosperity.  Just like people working hard all day and coming home tired and putting on the TV, versus connecting with their loved ones; or meeting expectations for your boss, but disappointing, and even being ok with disappointing your partner.  Taking care of Mantis is taking care of me.  Building Mantis is the most self-focused (Self-ish) thing I have done in my life.  I deserve to reserve my energy for it, to feed it, to nurture it, and to grow it.  If I choose to go in and out of procrastination, I am not loving myself and loving Mantis. Today I will choose to devote less time and energy to things, people, procrastinations that take away from loving me.  Saying no other’s, is saying yes to me, and yes to building a better world through Mantis.