As coaches, we are asked all the time things like: “Am I on the right path?” or “If you were me, what would you do?” or “How do I know this is right for me?”

When you are making big changes, it’s sometimes scary and difficult to know what the outcome will be. Needing reassurance is only natural. And, of course, we wish we had a crystal ball to look into that would tell us how everything would turn out so we didn’t make any mistakes along the way. (Some of those mistakes can be painful or costly!) As coaches, we don’t have the answer. Only you can know if you are on the right path or need to make a U-turn, and that’s not as easy as it seems.

When you have those doubts about where you are headed, start by checking in with yourself. Be as specific as possible about the question you are actually asking. Are you worried about your entire trajectory or simply your next move? Do you need support and encouragement to move forward, or do you really need to do more research so you have a better idea about your options? Once you are clear about your question, you can also be clear about your answer.

Most people who are wondering if they’re going in the right direction have already asked a lot of people for help. You’ve talked with friends and relatives and everyone else who will give you the time of day, and, chances are, you’ve gotten a lot of conflicting information. Different people know you in different ways, so they talk to you from that knowledge. Also, people who care about you may not want to tell you the truth for fear of hurting your feelings. Other times, your friends and family are projecting their own fears and experiences onto you and what you are doing, so they aren’t always accurate. Usually information is a good thing, but if you find that you are overloaded with information that isn’t very helpful, make some choices about which information to keep and which doesn’t speak to you.

Finally, do a gut check. You know what is right for you, even if it does make you nervous. You also know when something is not right. Many famous and creative people did things that others thought were impossible because they knew they could do it.

A coach is a great person to help you make decisions about your direction in life.  By asking the right questions, a coach allows you to fill in the blanks with the information you already have and encourages you to make the moves that are right for you. Of course, it’s possible you’ll still make a mistake, but you can always start again.

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