Working out is so good for us and yet sometimes we fall off of the wagon and stop exercising.  We say thing like “I need to get back to working out, but I am too busy, I’m too tired, I need to take care of others!”  NO MORE EXCUSES!  Let’s get our butts up!   Like the Micheal Jordan commercial, “Just Do It!”  I resumed working out yesterday, and I just finished working out today!   Don’t worry about having to have enough time to do the work out you ideally want to do.   Just get out there!  30 minutes a day is all we really need in order to feel the benefits!  In order to motivate us, I will list some perks of working out!

1.  Working out releases endorphins!   No one ever says afterwords, “I wish I would not have done that.”

2.  It builds our confidence!  Working out makes us feel better about ourselves and our bodies and it shows in our body language and attitude.

3.  Better Sleep!  People that work out regularly report that they get a better nights sleep!

4.  Bonding with people or your pet!  Go jogging or walking with you friends or your pet.  Working out with a buddy makes it feel less like working out!

5.   Our clothes fit better!  Don’t you love it when you lose the inches!  I love it when my pants fit exactly how they are meant to fit, supposed to feel and look!

6. We are more attractive to others!  We have a glow about us!  People see us and say, “Wow!  So and so  cares to take care of themselves!”

7.  We have more energy and stamina!  Our days are much easier to complete without feeling drained at the end of the day!

8.  It’s good for our heart!  Getting cardio in is great for our hearts!

9.  We will live longer!  Those that work out regularly live longer.

10.  We get to listen to our favorite music and “Bring Sexy Back!”  If you don’t listen to your I-pod or listen to music while working out; try it!  It is AWESOME!

People!  Those of you that are working out,  You Go Girl or Boy!  You others like me!  “Just Do it!”