When I introduce myself as a coach, I get a few different responses, but mostly people want to know what a coach does and why they might want to hire one. Different coaches work in different ways, so it’s best to ask a few follow-up questions to determine if the coach you want to work with is right for you.

If you were asking me what I would do for you, I would tell you that one of the most important aspects of coaching with me is that you will get an unbiased listener. My agenda is your agenda. You get the opportunity to work through what you think and feel and what you want to do about it without the advice you usually get. And then we’ll work through your options together until we find what will work best for you. You make all the decisions about next steps and how far you’re willing to go and I support you and hold you accountable. We explore the results of your actions, your beliefs about the situation and yourself, and how that influences what you will do next.

I am not your best friend or your mom or your brother or your significant other. I’m not tied to my ideas of who you used to be or what you usually do. I get to be the supportive cheerleader who challenges you to go beyond your self-imposed limitations and venture into new territory. I get to empower you to re-vision your life and find ways to make it more like you want it to be. I get to show you the future that could be and the road that will get you there.

There are very few places in our lives where we get unbiased support, very few people who really listen to us talk without immediately offering solutions or advice. And all of our conversations are confidential, so your mom and your BFF won’t ever know what we talk about – unless you tell them.

Over time, we will notice themes and bigger obstacles and beliefs that get in the way of you being your best self, and we find ways around them or find ways to change them. We also see where you do things well, and remember that in times of frustration and slow growth. We are partners on this journey called life, whether most of our work focusses on your personal development or your business development. So my answer to the question of why would you hire me as a coach is why wouldn’t you?