We learn when we are having fun. We learn when we are surrounded by people who promote self-truth and self-discovery. The more the merrier is needed when following this guiding principle in coaching. How many guiding principles are there do you ask? Well there are nine! Today I am feeling wonder and curiosity through my heart and through my bones, so I will follow my gut and tell you my thoughts on this guiding principle today.
Let’s not lose our inquisitive nature! Or if we lost it, let’s re-discover it! Young children look at life in awe and in wonder! Think for a moment in your life about your young children, grandchildren, your nieces, your nephews or your friends’ young children. They are full of life, full of excitement and they absorb new experiences like a sponge!
Let’s be curious! I am deciding today to look at work, love, family, and health with beginner’s eyes and a beginner’s mind. “Out of the mouth of babes” is true! If only we could be as open-minded as the young with the strategy and work ethic of the mature and wise.
Another way to live this principle is spend time with the most creative people you know. Ask them to brain storm with you about a life change you want to make. I bet you will become excited and inspired!
I challenge you to take a look at your life this week with awe, curiosity, excitement, and no fear. Fun and fear do not usually hang out in the same world! So drop your fears! Imagine what you need to do to reach your goals and to live your life to the fullest! Ask someone young advice about your life. The right answer is so simple yet so exhilarating when you discover it!
Once you have your new fun and exciting plan, If you need to meet with an inquisitive mind for support and guidance, give us a call!