1. FRIENDS AND FAMILY- Ask your friends and family to support you by putting the word out about your business! This has been one of our best ways to obtain new clients!
2. WEBSITE- Create a Website! It does not have to be spectacular at first! (We have an awesome low cost web guy if you need one!?)
3. BUSINESS CARD – It is just as important to ask for a person’s business card as it is to give one. Ask for a person’s business card and call them; don’t wait for them to call you!
4. COLD CALLS – Based on who you are and based on the values you PHONE the groups, organizations, or people you want to work with.
5. THE WEB – Get your business on your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In!
6. BLOG – This lets people know who you are and tends to attract the people that have like values and vice-versa.
7. GROUPS – Join two to three networking groups that will assist you in being able to get to know various members and you can gain and give referrals to the group members and vise-versa. (Some have dues or fees and some do not. www.meetup.com has several networking groups that are free.)
8. VIDEO – Create a video and place it on YouTube. It can be placed directly on your website! Our video is coming soon!
9. SPEAKER- You can be a speaker at your Alma mater, at a networking group, or at businesses that are interested in your product or services.
10. FLYERS – Put up flyers in local coffee shops, places you receive services like at you hair salon, your spa, and your dentist’s office.

***For you business beginner’s out there, it can be very helpful and very rewarding to hire a business coach. Feel free to call us for a complimentary coaching session!
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