1. Entrepreneurs: A coach can help you hone your vision of your business and create smart goals that will get you there. A coach will hold you accountable to meet your deadlines and support you through the process.
2. Someone planning to retire: A coach can help you explore the legacy you want to leave behind and the work you want to do in your retirement. We can help you plan to accomplish some of those life-long dreams you still want to achieve.
3. Someone returning to the dating pool: Together we can examine your beliefs about relationships and dating so that you can get what you really want out of the dating scene this time.
4. Someone wanting to change careers: A coach can help you identify your values so you can align your work with what is important to you. We can look at what works and what doesn’t work and you can make better decisions about your work.
5. Someone who wants a better balance: The balance you want may be between work and the rest of your life, learning to turn down too many obligations, or setting limits on technology and negative relationships. A coach can teach you more effective ways of finding that balance.
6. Someone getting a divorce: In whatever stage of a divorce, a coach can support you making necessary changes and help you decide who you want to be going forward. We can work together to create a new future that takes into account your new circumstances.
7. Someone who wants a promotion: A coach can help you decide which steps are the right ones to take so you can get to the next level by teaching you how to become more effective in your work.
8. Someone who feels left behind: Are your friends and peers moving on and you’re feeling stuck? A coach can help you set goals that are in your best interests so that you can move forward instead of standing in place.
9. Someone who is looking for a career instead of another job: A coach can help you get on the track that’s right for you and work together to set some long-term goals to get the training or education or network you need to move forward in your career.
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