I have a friend that found out this week that very soon he will have to put his cat down. His feline friend has been with him for 17 years. She has been with him through several triumphs and also through several low times. I feel that pets add so much joy to our lives. They seem to pick us out when we buy them or rescue them, or they find us on the street. Instantly, we have a buddy that is by our side for many years and numerous life events.
Pets are loyal creatures that love us no matter what. They are fun, entertaining, and rarely boring. My dog Ryder is so cool. He is this kind of “Buddha” dog that is very calm most of the time. He is liked by all. He is sweet, playful, smart, and loves babies, children and adults alike. Several times people have mentioned that they would take him off my hands. No way!
There are many articles that are written about how a pet can help with building joy, decreasing stress, managing mood issues and PTSD. They also say that people tend to live longer when they have pets. Pets do a great job of keeping us in the present moment, and they help us stay active (especially dogs.)
Sometimes losing a pet can feel like losing a family member. They provide us with support, unconditional love, and a reason to get up in the morning. I remember many times when my friends and relatives have had to put down a pet, and the loss was very emotional for them. When we lose a pet, we go through the same grief process as losing a human being. We will wake up in the morning expecting to see our buddy again. We sometimes have dreams that our furry friend is still living.
I feel it is important to take time to say good bye and to allow ourselves to be sad. When you lose a pet it can help to connect with fellow animal-loving friends. Give yourself permission to feel the sadness and pain. After you allow yourself to be sad, at some point your grief should transform and you should be able to think about your former pet fondly. You may be able to chuckle out loud about silly things your pet used to do. Also, eventually getting another pet could be just what the counselor/coach ? ordered. If you have experienced or are experiencing the loss of a pet, see how a therapist or coach can help you today.