This was on my mother’s refridgerator and I loved it! She teaches ESL and one of her fellow teacher’s created this for the students.

Appreciate what you have.
Balance work, family, and fun.
Celebrate your accomplishments.
Discover new interests.
Enjoy the moments in life.
Finish what you start.
Grow from experience.
Hold on to hope.
Imagine the possibilities.
Joke and keep a sense of humor.
Know yourself.
Listen and learn much.
Make a difference in the world.
Notice the sunrises and sunsets.
Offer kindness and compassion to others.
Plan for the future.
Question and seek information.
Respect and tolerate differences.
Surround yourself with good friends.
Take a chance and try new things.
Use your time wisely.
Value age and wisdom.
Welcome change.
eXcel in all that you do.
Yield not to ignorance or discrimination.
Zero in on what is important in life.