I have noticed that kind gestures are very helpful for our world. When I notice a person reaching out to another person in kindness, it ends up making most everyone feel good. It feels nice for the person giving, it feels nice for the person receiving and it feels good for the people witnessing the act of kindness.
I went out for a fun evening recently. My friend and I went to a local Jazz Club. We had never been before, and the jazz was smooth, the place was hopping, and the beverages were excellent. We were having a great time! And unbeknownst to us a young couple had noticed our good time. A short time later, one of the bar tenders came up to us with a great big smile on his face, and he shared, “Your tab is covered ladies!” We smiled and looked at each other and then looked at the bartender. He pointed to a lady sitting at the very other end of the bar. The bartender waved the woman over to us, so that we could thank her. She explained, “I have a gift certificate and I had plenty of money on it to pay your tab, also. It is my pleasure! You look like you are having a great time and we wanted to add to the joy and fun!” We were delighted! We chatted with her for a few minutes and we shared our appreciation of the kind gesture.
After my friend and I spoke with the young woman we decided that we wanted to pass a kind act forward. We gave our bartender a nice tip and we agreed that some other time soon we were going to also do something extra nice for someone else. It was contagious.
Kind acts can be small. They do not have to be big. Expressions of kindness can be giving a friend a small gift, treating someone to lunch, giving someone a compliment, a nice friendly smile to someone in the car next to you, opening the door for someone, or having kind words for someone that looks like they are having a challenging day.
Think of something you can do today that would brighten someone’s day. When more people are being kind the world is a more beautiful place to live!