Spring always reminds me to renew myself. Just as the earth is waking up new roots and sending out new growth in the form of leaf buds and flowers, I feel myself waking up and looking for growth in new directions. As I look at the changes I want to make in my life, I sometimes get discouraged, however, thinking I won’t have time to do all of these things or that I will become overwhelmed. I lose momentum and forget why I wanted to do this in the first place.
I decided I needed to do some spring cleaning. I clean out my closets, so why not also clean out the cobwebs in my head? I look at patterns and behaviors that are outdated or aren’t fulfilling me anymore, and I decide to let them go or recreate them in a way that is more beneficial to me now. Suddenly, I have space available for the new things that I want to add.
Just as I give away clothing I haven’t worn in the past year or so, I give away a belief that is not allowing me to move forward. I respect that these beliefs or behaviors have served me in the past, but I simply don’t need them anymore, and they may even be holding me back now. For instance, I recently began setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier in the morning because I discovered I was rushing around each morning and forgetting important things that I needed for the day. With an extra 10 minutes, I feel relaxed and organized, and I’m starting my day with a better focus and I’m prepared for whatever comes my way. I haven’t lost 10 minutes of sleep so much as I have gained peace of mind.
What is one thing you can let go of to make room for something new?