In response to our last blog post, we were asked the following question: How are therapy and coaching different?
Both therapy and coaching focus on personal growth, and at Mantis Counseling and Coaching Services, we pride ourselves on being client-centered and client-directed regardless of which service you are receiving. Also, both coaching and therapy involve being present and truly hearing a client in all aspects of their being. However, people seek coaching and therapy for different reasons and for different outcomes.
The focus of therapy is mental health, which means recovering from trauma, painful experiences, or a mental illness. Therapy is often past and present oriented, using information from past and present experiences to make a more meaningful future. In a therapy relationship, the therapist is an expert, and the role of a therapist is to heal, repair, and educate clients. Therapy sessions happen face-to-face in a confidential office setting, with occasional phone contact, and focus on the client’s feelings and the client’s process with others and the world around them.
Coaching is a relationship between equals. The coach is not necessarily an expert in the field you are addressing in your work together. Coaching is present and future oriented, with a focus on your specific goals and the results you want to get out of your business or your life. Coaches never diagnose a mental illness like a therapist might; also, coaches do not educate or give advice, but would allow you to discover where you can do that for yourself. Most coaching sessions happen over the phone or Skype. Office visits are possible, but not expected, and sessions can even happen in a public space, such as a coffee shop. And you will be given homework, things you are going to do before the next session, things you want to be held accountable for.
To find out whether therapy or coaching is the right thing for you, contact us and set up a free consultation!