As we prepare to move our Mantis Counseling and Coaching Services office to a new location, I have both a sense of nostalgia for the former space, and a sense of excitement to see what our new space will bring.
Amidst the stress and chaos of gathering movers (thank you!) and vehicles and boxes, picking up new keys and dropping off old ones, and mapping a new route to work I am struck by how difficult it is to say goodbye, even to a place. I can revisit this office again someday, but it will never be the same. It will never be the space it has been for us as we began our business and started to grow. It has been a great incubation place for us, and now it is time to move into the next phase of our development. I want to be sure to acknowledge both of these aspects of our big move.
As I close the door for the last time on our former office, I will take a moment, breathe deeply, and make a space for the memories I associate with that space. And then I will open the new door of our new space and take a moment, breathe deeply, and make a space for what lies ahead.